A Journey in Lent

Apr 6

A Journey in Lent

6:00pm to 7:30pm

Location: Zabriskie Hall

What does it mean to be the Body of Jesus, the Body of Christ in the world today? About 2,000 years ago a fledgling group of people in various cities and regions around the Mediterranean were wondering the same thing. They were wondering what it meant to follow Jesus in the years after his death. As followers of Jesus, how do they relate to their cities, their governments and those of differing religious practices and differing philosophies? What does their wrestling have to offer to us who wrestle with the same questions?
This will be the focus of our Lent gathering on Thursday nights this year. Our format this year will be to gather together each evening for an initial presentation on a subject related to this theme, move into small groups to discuss what was presented, then gather back to hear the fruit of our discussions.  Evening presenters include Sophie Mills (Professor of Classics, UNC Asheville), Guy Sayles (retired pastor First Baptist Asheville), and Cathedral clergy and staff.

March 9 – The Historical / Political / Religious Context of the Early Church
March 16 – Who was Paul? getting behind the stereotypes to understand this man and his relationships among the early churches
March 23 – The Body of Christ: charisms and the building up of the body
March 30 – Household codes and public life
April 6 – Powers and Principalities: how do we live in and with the powers of this world?

While registration is not necessary, please RSVP to our Communications and Administration Specialist by emailing samuel@allsoulscathedral.org or by calling 828.274.2681.