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General Convention through Episcopal News Service

​Dear All Souls Family, The General Convention of the Episcopal Church officially begins tomorrow (there are preliminary meetings today) and runs through July 3. The best source of information is the Episcopal … Read More

Building Community

​Dear All Souls Family,As I have listened to the story of the people of Emanuel A.M.E. Church, both those who lost their lives and those who survive and carry on their lives, I continue to ponder how we … Read More

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

It was about two weeks before we were to move from Chicago to Atlanta. It was the summer between my Junior and Senior year of high school. My parents were in the process of ruining my life. Well, at least … Read More

Raise the Roof and Other Thoughts

I have never been so excited to see these kinds of bids. A little background would be helpful: In 2010 we re-roofed the end of the church with the round conical form. Given these tiles were all unique … Read More