Daily Lenten Reflections

During the season of Lent we will be offering daily email reflections (Monday through Friday) written by members of All Souls. These will be reflections based upon the Revised Common Lectionary Daily Office Readings. This will be an opportunity to sojourn through this season with fellow pilgrims from All Souls.

If you wish to receive these daily reflections, please click here to sign up. A paper signup form will also be available on Sunday mornings throughout the season.

If you have any questions, email samuel@allsoulscathedral.org.

Lent Groups

How do we talk about faith, our faith, in ways that are honest and genuine? How do we talk about our faith in ways that name our hungers and our questions, ways that are faithful and non-coercive?

This will be the focus of Lent groups this year at All Souls. Groups will be formed and provided with weekly questions designed to explore our experiences of God, faith, and how we experience the Sacred in our daily lives. The questions will be inviting and not coercive. They will be open and non-directive. They will encourage us to make connections between our experiences, our faith stories, and how all of this is incarnate and manifested in our daily life.

The groups will be around a dozen people, and all groups would begin meeting the week of February 19 (thus no groups in the days immediately following Ash Wednesday). The hosts of the group will convene the first meeting at their home and at that first meeting will offer group members to volunteer to host one of the next four meetings at their home (offering one’s home is not a requirement to participate). Participants will be asked to bring a light snack to share with the group. Groups will open and close with simple prayer and meet for 90 minutes.

You can sign up by clicking this link and filling in your name under a group slot, or by viewing the signup sheet on Sunday mornings outside the church.

For further information please contact the church office at 828.274.2681 or email samuel@allsoulscathedral.org.

Special Liturgies during Lent

Ash Wednesday Eucharists

(Wed. Feb. 14, 7 a.m., noon, 7 p.m., Cathedral) - Our lenten journey begins with Ash Wednesday, with Eucharist services three times during the day. We welcome Bishop José at our 12:00 noon service.

Holden Evening Prayer

(Sun. in Lent, 5 p.m., Cathedral) - Prayers, chant, hymns, readings, and silence contribute to the reflective nature of this evening liturgy, appropriate for all sorts and conditions of spiritual seekers and pilgrims. Held at 5 p.m. from February 18 through March 18. Contact Dean Donatelli at 828.274.2681 or todd@allsoulscathedral.org with questions.