David Jordan gives much to All Souls. He volunteers in the office, sings in the choir, serves as the chair of the Cathedral Arts Commisison, just rotated off of the Vestry for the second time (after serving as Senior Warden twice), and on goes the list.

David hails from Sparta, N.C., a small town in the beautiful area north of Boone near the Virginia border.  He came to All Souls in the mid-90s at the invitation of Janis and Bill Bryant. He was teaching band at Reynolds Middle School at the time and carried his talent for and love of music right into the music ministry here.

When David was in school in Sparta, his friend decided to play trombone in the school band. The band director had an old baritone horn (similar to a euphonium), and David followed his friend into the world of music. “I eventually moved from euphonium to tuba,” he said, “which takes even better breath support to play, as it’s the lowest instrument in the brass family.” 

Along about the same time in school, David was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a progressive muscular condition. 

David graduated from Mars Hill College and was an active participant in the bands there. He received a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, where he was assistant conductor of bands and of the Oratorio Society.

He is an avid reader, emphasis on the word  avid. “I am never not reading something,” he said. Ideally, he’d be reading a good book at a little café in Florence as he sips the perfect latte. 

He regularly re-reads Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, all three volumes, start to finish. “It is comforting,” he feels. 

He is not much of a cook, he says, but he shops the outside of the supermarket where the healthy foods are. “I try to cook everything in one pot,” he said. But dessert is easy; it has to be chocolate. Dark chocolate. “I’m a chocoholic,” he admits.

David liked hiking almost as much as chocolate. “I used to hike daily,” he said.

He sings with Cantaria, the Asheville gay men’s chorus. The group sometimes sings at All Souls and performs a mix of popular and sacred songs. 

Every Tuesday, David is the welcoming presence at the front desk in All Souls’ office. “It is a cozy place from which to view the world,” he said. 

Whether or not we know it, we’ve all been impacted by David’s hospitality and leadership here at All Souls—and are all grateful.