Your 2017 Pledge - Growing in Faith

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Stewardship 2017 - Growing in Faith

A Letter from Dean Donatelli

Dear All Souls family,

I was recently looking at pictures from the past year at All Souls. In these were pictures of a Habitat house, our roof and grounds, youth on a trip to The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee, community groups gathering at Kairos West, the Kanuga parish weekend, the Easter egg hunt, photos and icons on the altar steps for All Saints/All Souls Sunday, the choir, Ash Wednesday liturgies – all things that create life here, all things that combine to drive us into the cycle of reflect and going out, all things that take place because of a mutual self-offering wherein a larger life is experienced and stepped into.

In the white noise of our world, amid election rhetoric, local news, global political and environmental challenges, it is easy to turn to cynicism, isolation, and helplessness.  What saves us is our being together. What saves us is our going out. What saves us is offering ourselves in ways that makes us step beyond ourselves, personally and communally, as have generations before us.  It is the only way life continues. It is the only way life continues with hope. It is how Jesus lived and calls us to live.

As you fill out your pledge card for 2017 I would ask you to do so with at least two reflections informing it: 1) for what are you grateful from the past year? Where have you grown, where have you been pushed beyond yourself and your comfort level in engaging life and the world about us? Where and how has this faith community fed that growth, that going out? 2) For what are you hopeful in the coming year? How do you see this faith community calling you forth into the journey that will be 2017?  With these in mind I invite you to offer to God and to this community the gift of your treasure; offering from gratitude for what has been and in hope for what will be.

We ask you to send in your pledge either before Sunday, October 16 or bring it to church on the 16th – please understand the 16th as the deadline rather than the beginning. This allows the Vestry and Finance Committee to determine where we will go in a way responsible both for the commitments to those outside our community who receive funds from us as well as allowing Vestry and staff to know what the coming year will behold. Members of the Vestry, Finance and Stewardship Committees will begin calling folks from whom we have not heard during the week of the 16th.

We are fortunate to live amid a 120 year tradition of the faithful offering themselves to God and to one another. It is why we are here. Our offering of ourselves to God and to one another now is why those fifty years from now will find the life we have come to know. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and to this community. Thank you for the ways you offer yourself to God, to this community and to the world about us.



The Very Reverend Todd M. Donatelli, Dean of the Cathedral

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