What Is Koinonia?

An introduction from Dean Donatelli and the Wardens of the Vestry:

We are currently engaged in a season of listening and discernment at All Souls. We stated at the last Annual Meeting the past 15 years have included a huge amount of physical, spiritual, and financial energy directed toward our buildings and their deeply needed restoration. Upon completion of this work we now have the opportunity to take the same kind of energy given to this internal work and direct it outward toward our engagement with the broader community.

In this process we will use the wisdom both of the members of the parish as well as the wisdom of members of the wider community to listen and discern how and in what ways this community of faith might engage anew with our wider community. We have determined to refer to this time as Koinonia: a biblical word referring to human communion, to mutual human participation and engagement.

Where will this time of listening and discernment lead us? That is something we will find as we go. What is clear to us is this time is about being in relationship. What is clear to us is this time is about being engaged in a manner of listening which will open our hearts/minds/bodies/spirits. What is clear is we are being called to listen, to welcome, to be vulnerable, and to be changed. As we listen to our community we will see with new eyes and be called into new spaces. We are clear this is the space of the Spirit.

The Very Reverend Todd M. Donatelli, Dean
Alexandra McPherson, 2017 Senior Warden of the Vestry
Kathy Rauch, 2017 Junior Warden of the Vestry

Upcoming Events

All events take place at 10:10 a.m. on Sundays in Zabriskie Hall

January 28: The Inner and Outer Life of Engagement, “What does the Holy One ask of you? To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”

What are foundations that make engagement in community more about mutual dignity rather than doing for others? What is the place of gratitude, gratitude as walking humbly with God, in our practices of engagement? Led by Todd Donatelli

February 4: The North Carolina Justice Center

The North Carolina Justice Center is the state’s leading research and advocacy organization dedicated to transforming North Carolina’s prosperity into opportunity for all. Its mission is to eliminate poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household in the state has access to the resources, services and fair treatment it needs in order to enjoy economic security. Led by Rick Glazier, Executive Director, NCJC.

February 11: The Asheville Design Center: How do we literally, tangibly, functionally, construct community? What are ‘Livability Principles’?

The Asheville Design Center’s mission is to engage Western North Carolina in creative community based design to promote healthy, thriving and equitable communities. Led by Chris Joyell, Executive Director, ADC.

February 25, March 4, 11: Our Koinonia Process, What Are We Learning and Where Do We Go From Here?

Led by Sandra Byrd, Carla Schell, Jason Chambers, Todd Donatelli.

Congregational Responses

An integral part of our process is incorporating feedback from ministries and members of the congregation. The Koinonia Steering Committee is currently reviewing feedback from the first round of congregant questions, and will be soliciting further feedback in the weeks to come. Keep an eye on the weekly printed announcements and our weekly email Epistle for more information on your participation in this process.

Previous Presentations

You can find some of some of our previous Koinonia presentations on our YouTube Channel.