United Thank Offering grants seek to support projects that address poverty, demonstrate new and innovative work, make a significant impact, and are part of a planned diocesan/provincial strategy.

It is a wonderful example of a grassroots understanding of needs and resources supported by worldwide thanksgiving and hope.  We participate in this worldwide outreach twice each year by gathering our ‘offerings of thanks’.  One hundred percent of all offerings gathered are distributed to the grant recipients.

During our twice annual ingatherings, we highlight a few of the grantees to demonstrate how our contributions are used around the world.

The UTO Prayer reminds us that as we are “ever thankful for all the blessings of joy and challenge that come our way,” and respond by our tangible offerings of thanks, we participate in the mission of the United Thank Offering and expand the circle of thankful people.  As we are reminded of the abundance of God’s blessings, and of our connection to the world, may we be grateful.