Loving Food Resources (LFR) is an all-volunteer food pantry for people living with HIV/AIDS or who are in home Hospice care with any condition.

Founded in 1990, LFR’s first home was at All Souls in the balcony of Zabriskie Hall. Deacon Joan Marshall was one of the founding individuals. Several parishioners played supportive roles during the early days and, even now, All Souls contributes food donations, awards Food Booth Outreach grants, and provides a regular team of volunteers and board members at LFR.

This self-select food pantry is designed like a small grocery store so that clients “shop” for their food and personal care needs rather than picking up a pre-packed box of food. LFR is open on Saturdays only from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., but volunteers are needed for roles beyond assisting during shopping hours. Participating as committee members in planning for the nonprofit’s future is a continuous need, as well as assistance in office chores and materials production.

LFR is a partner agency of MANNA Foodbank, Western North Carolina’s Second Harvest facility. For more information about LFR, contact Mike Stevenson. You can make an important difference!