The Church of the Advocate is dedicated to serving the homeless, the vulnerable, and the street people of Asheville and Buncombe County. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our faith community.

The Church of the Advocate, residing in the undercroft of Trinity Church and behind the red door, has for 20 years served the poor and homeless of Asheville. Services are held at 1:30pm every Sunday followed by a lunch provided by many different churches, schools and organizations. The clothes closet, faithfully supported by All Souls’ parishioners, churches and individuals from around the diocese, is open after the service. Nurse volunteers are present offering professional advice and treatment where appropriate. Father Ham Fuller serves as Vicar of the church under the auspices of the Bishop and Diocese of WNC.

The Sunday service is interactive, and provides a healthy, spiritual community for all with growth opportunities for the congregation and welcomed visitors. Every December with the help of many within the diocese The Advocate facilitates a great Holiday Party beginning with Holy Eucharist. A great feast is then served, followed by lots of gifts and a celebration of our joyful companionship with Christ and each other. Other offerings of this ministry include a Bible Study and breakfast on Mondays as well as bagged lunches with care and conversation in the parks on Wednesday and Fridays. The newest project is a social enterprise called “New Every Morning” in which church members are encouraged and supported in the development of their own talents and abilities, creating productive means of employment and enhanced self esteem. Volunteers are always appreciated in every aspect of this ministry.

Sole Mate

What do our homeless brothers and sisters need most? At Church of the Advocate, we ask ourselves that every day. In the community we serve, clothing is readily available through several downtown ministries.
Finding shoes is another matter, which is why Church of the Advocate is converting its clothes closet to a Sole Mate Closet, featuring new and gently worn footwear. Our Sole Mate Closet will open for the first time on Easter morning.

How You Can Support Our Sole Mate Closet
Between now and April 16 (Easter Sunday), we are collecting gently used or new men’s and women’s athletic shoes, boots, and new tube socks. You can bring your donations to the Trinity Church Office or All Souls Cathedral, or call Church of the Advocate at 828.253.9361 ext. 227 to arrange a drop-off time. With your help, we’ll have a generous selection of sizes for our parishioners.

Current needs (updated 3/24/17):

Church of the Advocate parishioners still need items you have graciously shared over the years such as sleeping bags, bed rolls, blankets, underwear, personal care items, reading glasses, laundry pods, and toilet paper. And jeans are important, too, almost as important as shoes. So stay tuned for more information about our Just Jeans campaign later this year.