Committed to Giving and Doing

We are fortunate at All Souls to have a congregation which is committed to both financial giving and active doing. Reflecting that, our committee is charged with distributing the outreach portion of our pledged income and promoting the engagement of our parishioners in the community and wider world.

We have an online grant process of giving funds twice a year to community groups. Each year we invite all funded groups to a Community Breakfast to spotlight programs and share their information.

Our facilities are used for Outreach: Food Booth, Room In the Inn (four times per year), Art from the Heart, Common Threads, Crop Walk, Christians for United Community, numerous Anonymous groups as well as community groups.

The Outreach Committee: Linda Kane (Chair), Millie Elmore, Alex McPherson, Carolyn Payton, Shari Raife, Mary Thompson, Steve Van Allen, Jen Peeples, Jamie Ager, Jane Carter, Heidi Griepp, and Dawn Rollins. You can reach us at outreach@allsoulscathedral.org.

2017 Outreach Grants

The Cathedral of All Souls offers grants to local not-for-profit agencies. Recommendations from the Outreach Grant Committee will be reviewed by the Vestry in October 17, and all applicants will be notified of the Vestry’s decision by mail before the end of October. You are invited to submit a request for a grant following the procedure below.

Grant Procedure

2017 Outreach Grant Application

1. Download the PDF application file above and save it to your computer (using right-click -> "Save Link As" on Windows PC or ctrl+click -> "Save File As" on Mac
2. Fill in the application - You can return to the application on your computer as many times as you need to by saving it
3. Attached the completed application to an email, along with a copy of your organization's 2016 budget showing actual income/expenses (in either PDF or spreadsheet format) to outreach@allsoulscathedral.org

The deadline for all applications is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 4. No applications will be accepted after this date and time.

Outreach Ministries Mission Statement

The Outreach Ministries at The Cathedral of All Souls are the response to our Christian call to empower people, to encourage inclusion and to promote wholeness. We join in collaborative partnerships that undertake work that is sustainable, mutually accountable and driven by the call for social justice. We focus on examining systems as well as symptoms in an effort to positively impact the quality of our communal lives.

Grant Criteria and Terms

All Souls will consider grants to organizations or agencies:

  1. Who do not duplicate services which are already adequately addressing people’s needs.
  2. Whose services are non-discriminatory and available to ALL persons in need of the targeted services.
  3. Who are a 501(c)(3) governed by a board or body that has demonstrated capable and responsible management. The members of the board or body should serve without compensation.
  4. Who have a record of sound management and community service over a reasonable period of time; or, if a new organization, that will, with convincing probability, establish such a record.
  5. Who are unable to support themselves totally with funds from governmental bodies, endowments, fees and other incomes.
  6. Who provide their current budget, and list all sources of contributions, funding and expenses.
  7. Who are locally based, or operate primarily in Western North Carolina.
  8. Who work collaboratively with other agencies to empower their targeted clientele to address and resolve issues that they face.
  9. Who encourage innovative activity carried out primarily by volunteers with inclusive involvement of all stakeholders.

Email any questions to outreach@allsoulscathedral.org or call 828.274.2681 Mon-Fri 9-5.

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We are fortunate at All Souls to have a congregation which is committed to both financial giving and active doing. Learn more about the Outreach Groups that are part of our community...

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Community Groups

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