July 24, 2014

CHILDREN FIRST COMMITTEE MEETING The Children First Committee will meet on Mon. July 28 at 5:30 in the CE Room. We will discuss and vote on back to school supplies and equipment for the After School Learning Centers. We will have an update from Children First/CIS on pending issues. Join us. Your vote counts!

The Common Threads will NOT meet on July 31, the 5th Thursday, because Food Booth will be getting ready for the weekend.  Our next meeting will be August 14.


Food Booth is coming!  Save the weekend of August 1st through August 3 for the Biltmore Arts and Crafts Fair and the All Souls Taste of Heaven.  For those of you who have never participated in the weekend there are many ways you can assist.  Set up is on Friday the 1st, the Fair is Saturday and Sunday .See a member of the Food Booth Committee after every service each Sunday in July to sign up. Prayers for great weather that weekend are always appreciated!


A Cool Job for the Art and Craft Weekend.  WE NEED YOU to be the face of All Souls for the hundreds of visitors we will welcome into our church Saturday and Sunday. Having members here to say"Welcome to All Souls” is a huge ministry. I have brief cheat-sheet if you want to share a little history or send folks over to a docent if they are hungry to know even more. So if you want a cool job and a place to sit down when you need it, please consider helping out as much or as little as you can. Pair up with a friend or consider a parent/child team. Call Martha Fullington to sign up: 684-2083. Thank you.


Foyer Groups 2014 Fall Foyer Groups Now forming. Want to get to know more of your fellow parishioners in a relaxed atmosphere? Join a “Foyer Group.” A Foyer Group consists of six-eight adults and children. The groups will meet three or more times between September and January to share a meal and fellowship. They may meet in homes, restaurants, or any location. Sign up forms are available in the back of the church, or contact Shonda Asaad at 684-2682 or smasaad@hotmail.com for more information. Deadline to register is Aug. 17.

Room In The Inn will return to All Souls the week of August 10-17. This program for homeless women has a long, successful history with the cathedral and provides a wonderful opportunity to assist up to a dozen women that week. We offer a safe lodging in Zabriskie Hall along with a home cooked meal each evening. Volunteers are needed to cook and serve seven dinners, provide a dozen bag lunches each day, be an “Innkeeper” at night, or provide other caring touches for our visitors. Look for the sign up sheet in front of the church soon, or contact the Bryants at 628-4564 or the Stevensons at 254-5227 for more information.

The Cathedral of All Souls will co-sponsor a Bone Marrow Registry event  Sunday, August 24th at the Parish hall beginning at 12:45 PM. To join the national bone registry, you should be between the ages of 18-44. Younger donors provide the greatest chance for transplant success. The coordinator will take a cheek swab and send it in the national site for registration. If a match is found, you agree to make yourself available to provide bone marrow, usually through a blood donation. Financial donations will be accepted to help defray costs. If you have questions you can go to bethematch.org to learn more about the process.


Bible and Beer. Please join us for a Bible study on the upcoming week’s gospel reading, every Thursday at Appalachian Vintners on Biltmore Ave. Gathering at 5:30, discussion begins at 6:00pm. Options for libations are diverse and the patio in the summer is splendid. All are welcome, bring a bible if you wish, come and enjoy some fellowship. See Milly or Thomas with questions or email them at milly@allsoulscathedral.org orthomas@allsoulscathedral.org


Greeters: Has there ever been a time in your life when you were “trying on churches” in a community new to you and to your family? Do you remember how you felt when no one acknowledged you as you approached the door or after the service in the sanctuary? You probably didn’t return unless the music was outstanding or the sermon spoke to you in some profound way. At All Souls we are without doubt blessed with beautiful music  and a sermon every Sunday that makes all newcomers and current parishioners sit up and take notice. But the clergy and vestry at All Souls strive for much more. This fellowship is offered by the Greeters to encourage visitors and parishioners to feel part of the All Souls community. Greeters are scheduled at a frequency of once every other month and are needed for all services. A Greeter training will be held in the month of October (date to be announced). For further information, please call Tamara and Jason Chambers @ (828)400-1291. Thank you.



Did you know The Cathedral of All Souls has made it easier for members - and visitors -to make donations and/or payments to your pledge via the cathedral website? Simply go to allsoulscathedral.org, click “make a donation” and enter your donation with you credit or debit card. This is a secure site and you do not need a Paypal account. You can also make your payment schedule on a recurring monthly basis -no need to worry about sending a check or bringing your checkbook to church!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The Early Reading Connection Outreach Mission is seeking more volunteers who would enjoy spending one hour every other week during the school year assisting Kindergarten children in developing their early reading skills.  The Cathedral of All Souls has provided volunteers at W.  Estes Elementary School for the past 18 years, but the need for more “reading helpers” continues to increase each school year as more children enter Kindergarten not knowing basic pre-reading skills (such as the alphabet). If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more information about our mission, please contact Fred Selph, Coordinator, at 828-664-0712


You are cordially invited to our very first EVENING Celebration of The Church of the Advocate  hosted by Carrabba’s  at  Trinity Church, 60 Church Street  Thursday, September 4, 2014, 5:30- 7:30 pm . Our Special Honoree is The Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson, former Bishop of the Diocese of WNC and Believer in the Vision of The Advocate  Guest Speakers: The Rt. Rev. G. Porter Taylor, Bishop of the Diocese of WNC and Dellin Cooke, Advocate member.  *Carrabba’s has generously offered this meal as a gift and expression of their support and care for the poor and homeless. Therefore, your donations (suggested minimum of $25) will go toward these efforts.  Wine and beer will be available.

Bring your family and friends for delicious food, fellowship and to gratefully celebrate our call to serve those with truly significant needs through this wonderful, charitable gift.  For more information or reservations, please call The Rev. Ham Fuller, Vicar, 243-3932 or 890-3232 or send email to hamfuller@aol.com

Church of the Advocate: The Clothes Closet’s most urgent need right now is for shoes, especially men’s sneakers but we need men’s and women’s sandals as well. Men’s shorts and jeans, T-shirts and hoodies, white socks (we’re completely out) and underwear will be snapped up. Our women are well supplied except for shorts, underwear, and bags. We’re out of blankets and sleeping bags. Our homeless congregation seems to be larger than usual this summer, and your donations make a real difference in their lives.

Roots + Wings School of Art and Design NEW CLASSES BEGIN IN SEPTEMBER 2014 – REGISTER NOW! Join us for our unique offerings of once-a-week classes at Roots + Wings School of Art and Design. We use a semester program to allow for curriculum building as students progress through the year with us. For each age group, our instructors will work with students on exploring a variety of mediums, tools and techniques. Our monthly ‘themes’ are only a point of departure as students build confidence, knowledge, and skills. All leading them to finding their own unique way of expressing their creativity! www.rootsandwingsarts.com or 828.545.4827



The flowers are to the glory of God and in loving memory of Marion Carter Hunt.


These are persons for whom our prayers are requested. All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week. Bev Gaines, Kate Spooner, Meg Karayiannis, Bob Morrow, Kate Teitelbaum, Fallon Elkes, Quentin Fabrian, Rebecca Jackson, Maude Carver, Taylor Jacobs, John Chromey, Joey and Jon Davis, David Truelove, Suzzy Sams, Sam Craig, John Smith, Ralph Lewis, Sophie Van Keer, Guy Sayles, Robert Keifer, Jim Webb, Jennifer Shelton, Cindy Davis, Rob Willhige, Jeremy Lamb, MaryAnn Baker, Karen Sams, Virginia Mitchell, Phillip Brent, Dan Powell and family, Carolyn Scribner, Sheila Gibbs, Linda Evans, Carolyn Herman, Oz Henry, Lora Scott, Janice Harvey, Joan Tidwell, Carol, David Power and family, Sam Bingham, Curtis Whittington, Emma Mamone-Peeples, JoFrances Dula, Tom Crook, Veronica Love, Billy and Sandy Hinson, Jessica and Jaxon Ayers, Del Hare, Betty Nokes, Barbara Kendall, Chris, Stevie Turner, Peter Yaun and family, the Byrd family, Archie Turner, Linda Evans, Gail Poore, Katie Gonzalez and family, and Linda Vickery.

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week: John Anderson, Audrey Donatelli, Margie Johnson, Janet Trulove, David Fargo, Colleen May, Joan Crook, Ruth Cooke, Kim Miller, Katherine Wortas, Patrick Cordova, Robert Gray, Jeff Konz, and Lois MacLean.

We give thanks for those celebrating anniversaries this week: Jesse and Phyllis Key, Joseph and Sandra Cummings, Byron Ellen and Max Shaw, and Josh and Sarah Martin.

 We pray for those serving in the Armed Forces: Miles Allen (grandson of Marleen Varner), Dan Douce (cousin of Carolyn Turner), Brian McDowell (son of Pat and Doug McDowell), Amanda McDowell (daughter of Pat and Doug McDowell), Adam Anderson (son-in-law of Pat and Doug McDowell), Jeremy Beal (nephew of Diane and Paul Summey), Cory P. Moore (son of Robbin Brent Whittington), Justin Echols (nephew of Russ Rhymer), Michael DiPrisco (grandson of Polly and Rob Gaylord),  Scott Summers (son of Steve Summers), Eric Hancock (step brother of J Clarkson), Robert Sweet (friend of Becky and Todd Donatelli), JoAnn Burgess (granddaughter of Allen Campo), and Michael Fallon (friend of Becky and Everett Fredholm), Greg Carter (friend of Maggie Hopper), and Nils Laubscher (son of Kenneth and Luann Laubscher), Christopher Hart (nephew of Jeff Benninghofen), David Clifford (son of Wayne and Laurie Clifford), Annika Schauer (daughter of Barbara Schauer),  Brandon Sweetman (cousin of Bill Doyle),  Justin Smith (nephew of Jon and Kim Miller), Patrick Hickey (son of Junay and Pat Hickey), Jason Gass (friend of Jen Peeples), Frederick M. Overbay (son of Fred Overbay), Matthew Cardenas (son-in-law of Hannah Pennell),  Paul Zeigler (stepson of Martha Zeigler)and Jason Lerner (son-in-law of Susan Larmore).    Call or e-mail Pat McDowell at 828-277-8176 or patsylol@aol.com. if you wish to add someone to this list.