July 23, 2015

Children First/CIS Donations. We will continue donations on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sun. Consider offering personal care items, cleaning supplies & baby needs. Food donations are always appreciated but the greatest need is for non-food items. Thanks for your support.

Desperately needed for our food booth at the Village Art & Craft Fair Aug. 1-2 on church grounds: 30 dozen brownies, 100 loaves of sliced artisan breads, 10 pound cakes, 20 dozen cookies, 20 Smithfield spiral sliced hams, 15 baked turkey breasts, 10 Country Time lemonade mixes. We also need at least four10x10 canopy tents to shelter those we are feeding. Contact Kim Miller at ksmiller82@gmail.com with what you’re bringing. Volunteer as a sales person, sandwich maker or kitchen crew. Sign-up after Sunday services or in the church office. Cash donations accepted to cover out of pocket costs. Questions? Call the office at 274-2681.This year there will be off-site parking with a shuttle. Parking will be behind the big red brick building, formerly known as the Old Biltmore School or the Buncombe County Sheriff’s office on Vanderbilt Park Dr. Shuttle starts Sat at 7am & Sun at 9am, and will run until 6pm. Shuttle station located outside the church kitchen door.

Something for Everyone for Art & Craft Fair Weekend. Several hundred visitors will come through our church for various reasons; to experience our sacred space, to learn the history, to ask who we are, a cool place to sit. Greeters are needed to welcome our guests to All Souls. If you would like to welcome folks, share what it’s like to worship at All Souls, or direct the curious to a docent, please call Martha Fullington at 684-2083 to sign up.

So, you know that conversation you have with your husband or wife or significant other, usually during a long car trip, about how you wish you had taken that internship swimming with dolphins instead of doing whatever you did do that you are feeling inadequate about just now, and inevitably she says to you or you say to yourself, “but if I had done that, the dolphin part, I wouldn’t have done what I did do which led me to you so all is right with the world & everything is at is should be? I love that conversation.

I have spoken at this podium before about belonging & about not belonging. The dread & shame I felt when other children in Sunday school seemed so familiar with the stories being told & I was clueless. I had not gone to church with any consistency so I didn’t ask any questions when we did attend. I was afraid of being ridiculed by some wiser, more connected kid who might say, “How can you not know about The Prodigal Son?” So I made no objection when the idea of attending church faded from our family schema. 
As I grew older I became less moored to anything. I was a human tumble weed, letting the wind blow me around. I ran into hard objects that forced me to wait for a shift in wind direction to continue rolling along. I bounced over small obstacles in my path, some were sharp & jagged & ripped some of me away & others were smooth & allowed me ever so briefly to catch some air & see the horizon. But mostly I just bumped along relying on sayings like “He who travels
lightest travels furthest” to make me feel better.

This “Good time Charlie” happy-go-lucky act was the armor I wore to hide insecurities about not belonging. This became obvious to me when I met my wife & suddenly I wanted more. I let my guard down a little & admitted that I wanted to learn about God and the church & faithful communities.

AK & I attended All Saints in Pasadena & were married there. I began to learn the rituals & traditions, I was still confused about these church people & their practices. I was restless & sometimes I wanted to cut & run. 

After our first child arrived we arrived in Asheville & at All Souls with all of the new faces. Chili cook offs & wreath making parties, Sunday school & adult forum. I began to get some sense of the rhythms but I wasn’t sure what I was really doing here. When does it all start to make sense? Just stick with it, my wife would say. Just keep showing up.

Then something began to change. When those new faces become your friends & those friends become the fabric holding your life together & you learn where the mop is kept, how much a brick walkway costs & you are asked to weigh in on plans for adult formation. 3 more years go by & every sermon means something to you personally & the story of the Prodigal Son is a comfortable reminder & suddenly you’ve been here a decade, & during the Prayers of the People, on your anniversary, your long German name does not trip up the speaker & the color of the ribbon attached to the cross around your daughter’s neck marking her tenure in the children’s choir has changed for a fifth time & everywhere you go you see your community of people & the church is the town & the town is home & the life you lead begins at this table, & extends to your place of business & your children’s school & to Matanzas, Cuba and to the United Kingdom… all is right with the world & everything is as it should be.

Maybe we all feel a little bit like running away from that which holds us together, but we know in our hearts we are tethered here to something that will withstand all the upheavals of this life. That through the toughest parts & the richest moments we are this community first. 

This year I will be helping to cook breakfast for you once a month, dust mopping floors, serving on the stewardship committee, attending adult forum, playing football on the lawn with the kids for as long as they will have me… & as we did last year, my family will be increasing our pledge this year in order to honor the privilege to do all of those things & to be here with you. Where we belong.

- Jeff Benninghofen

AmiciMusic returns to All Souls for an intimate chamber music concert Thu, Aug 6 at 7:30pm. This program, entitled “Around the World in 80 Minutes” features violinist Rachel Patrick, clarinetist Matthew Boyles & pianist Daniel Weiser on a whirlwind musical trip to several countries. $20/general admission & $15/Church members. Free for children. Tickets available at door. Advanced purchase discounts available at www.amicimusic.org.

The next service of Healing and Holy Eucharist will be held Thu, Aug 13 at 7 pm in the church. This is an informal, contemplative service using Taize & other chant, expansive language & images, silence, anointing & the laying on of hands if desired, & the sharing of bread & wine. 2015-2016 Dates: Oct 8, Dec 10, Feb 11, & Apr 14. Charlotte Cleghorn is the presider and music is offered by Karen Turner and Jacque Combs.

Symphony harpist Linda Barton Paul will return to All Souls to present a concert of celtic, classical and contemporary music on Sunday, August 16, 4pm.  Mrs. Paul is an ordained Episcopal Deacon with a music ministry that has benefited many causes from youth, hunger, and women’s programs to prison ministry, community health and organ refurbishing. Preservation architect Robert Griffin will open the concert describing the mathematically elegant sacred harmonics of the sanctuary. The concert is 20.00 at the door or in advance online at psabc.org. A reception will follow in the Parish Hall with CD’s available. 20% of CD sales will benefit All Souls Cathedral. This is a beautiful evening. If you missed it last year, be sure to hear it this time!

The Walk of Awareness, for the busy who brush by the homeless, makes visible the path those in poverty walk every day. Haywood St UMC Congregation leads the 9-11 am walk Aug 29, with stops at service providers. BBQ, music & games to follow. Advance tickets: $25/adults; $15/youth, plus BBQ $5/$8 day-of. A Golf of Awareness is Fri, Aug 28, at Asheville Municipal course. Captain’s Choice & 5-clubs-only rule. $275/foursome; $75/individual; includes lunch. Funds support Haywood’s Downtown Welcome Table. Haywoodstreet.org.

Kairos West Community Center FREE Food Markets at Kairos West 742 Haywood Rd, sponsored by Asheville Youth Mission. We would love to have you join us to play music, meet our neighbors, or network around resources. Share the good news & join us to celebrate caring for our neighbors & the abundance of God’s creation! Questions? Call Milly at 828 -772-1429 Mondays 1-3pm Jun 8 &22, Jul 6 & 20 & Aug 3 & Sundays 11-1pm Jul 12 & 26.

2015 Summer/Fall Foyer Groups Now Forming. Want to get to know more of your fellow parishioners in a relaxed atmosphere? Join a “Foyer Group.” A Foyer Group consists of 6-8 adults & children. Groups will meet 3 or more times between Aug & Nov to share a meal & fellowship. They may meet in homes, restaurants, or anywhere. Past participants must sign up again for a new group. Contact Shonda Asaad at 684-2682 or smasaad@hotmail.com with your name(s), address, phone number, and Email address(es). Deadline is July 31.

Kairos West Community Center is seeking regular Volunteer Hosts for the space during week day shifts 9-1pm or 1-4pm. If you would like to be the face of radical welcome while also doing art work, computer work, reading or playing music then Kairos West is a great way to serve the community. If you are interested please call Rev. Milly Morrow at 828-772-1429 or stop by Kairos West at 742 Haywood Rd in W. Asheville on the 1st or 4th Wednesday at 12pm for a host orientation/training! We would love to have more All Souls members hosting the space so thank you for considering this invitation.

Seeking a Way to Serve at All Souls? Visit the New Ministry Board. If you have been seeking a way to offer your gifts in ministry we have a new way for you to consider how to do so. The Ministry Board will be hanging on the church porch each Sunday and will have cards you can take which have the following on them: a basic introduction to the ministry, what kind of gifts/skills work best in that ministry, and who you can contact for further information.

DID YOU KNOW? The Cathedral of All Souls has made it easier for members - and visitors - to make donations and/or payments to your pledge simply go towww.allsoulscathedral.org, click “make a donation” and enter your donation with your credit or debit card. This is a secure site and you do not need a Paypal account. You may also wish to use this qr code which will take you directly to our donation page of our website. To use this qr you will need a qr reader on your phone. Free apps available for both Android and iPhone.

These are persons for whom our prayers are requested.
All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week: These are persons for whom our prayers are requested. All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week: Bev Gaines, Bob Morrow, John Chromey, David Truelove, Guy Sayles, Robert Keifer, Karen Sams, the Spangler family, Linda Evans, Carolyn Herman, Janice Harvey, Emma Mamone-Peeples, Betty Nokes, Stevie Turner, Myrtle and Sondra Stamey, the Teitelbaum family, Will Bryant, Del Hare, Audrey Donatelli, Pat Hill, Larry Crawford, Joe Gernoske, Ralph Lewis, Ken Prentice, Lorraine, Benjamin and Heidi Griepp, Bruce Barkstrom, Mike Martinelli, Jan and Steve Davis, Norma Lea and Bob Ferguson, Aaron Stranberg, Kerstin McDaniel, Nancy Keller, Richard Henning, Helen Maxwell, Becky Almond, Laura Morrow, Babie Strobel and family, Mike Norton, Lula Roland, Gail Wiley, Mary Lou Vitek, Linda Vickery, Peter Horn, Goldy Sherrill, Sally Conder, and Suzzy Sams.

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week: William Bares, Aubrey Cecil, Nancy Rigby, Frederick Selph, John Anderson, Audrey Donatelli, Margaret Johnson, Greg Knepper, Janet Trulove, David Fargo, Joan Crook, Ruth Cooke, Kimberley Miller, Katherine Wortas, and Patrick Cordova.

We give thanks for those celebrating anniversaries this week: Jesse and Phyllis Key, David and Lorraine Foster, Joseph & Sandra Cummings, Jr., and Max & Byron Ellen Shaw.

The flowers are to the glory of God and in loving memory of Ruth and Ed Guthrie, George and Benita Addie, Karla, Paula and Douglas Merson-Guthrie.