July 16, 2015

Stewardship Reflections on the Offering of Our Time & Talent. This Sunday is the last of our 3 reflections and today we welcome Jeff Benninghofen. We invite you to fill out the bulletin insert & either place them in the offering plate or hand them to an usher.

I was literally born into the Episcopal Church.  My father, uncle, great uncle, grandfather and great grandfather are all Episcopal priests. With that lineage in my family, there was no doubt about where we would go to church. And no doubt about how often.

If asked when growing up to describe my family, I would have reported that I had a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a church. It was as much a part of my family as any other part.

When high school came, I attended less regularly, as I preferred to sleep late on Sunday mornings. Same with college. When I moved to Chicago after college, I picked my apartment because it shared a parking lot with an Episcopal church. My church. My attendance increased again. And, as often happens when we age, I began to appreciate all that the Church had given to me and wonder if there was something I could give back.

I joined the vestry and became, for the first time in my life, a pledging member. Seeing the behind the scenes part of the church; the hard part; the business part; the budget part; made me realize how very much the church needed from me and how very little it had ever asked. I heard the stewardship speeches every year – but it was easy to assume that they weren’t really meant for me. I mean, how much could I really give? Surely the church doesn’t need that much. Surely other members who have more are contributing more. And besides – it didn’t really seem like the church was lacking for anything. On the vestry I noted repairs to the church that non-vestry members didn’t even know had happened. Knowing that my pledge helped plan for and fund these was awesome.

When we moved here six years ago – we came to All Souls. My grandfather was rector here years ago – so of course, that was where we would go. But would it be my church? Yes – it would. But at that time, our boys were young. Hard to take to church young. So we didn’t attend often, but, because All Souls is All Souls – it reached out to us. I was invited to a bookclub by a member here and I met several people from the church. They became some of my closest friends. Friends that I share laughs, secrets, joy, pain and life with.

My boys had 4 surgeries within our first few years here and All Souls clergy was there every time. We had parties at our house – and All Souls came. This church gave me more than I gave to it. Much more.

As my kids aged, I found myself with more time for reflection and again realized that I had been taking the church for granted. All Souls had given me so many gifts – friends, support, acceptance, solace, a spiritual home – what could I do in return? How could I say thanks? So we started pledging. And I thought of ways to volunteer and get involved. I stuffed envelopes, brought some food to Room in the Inn; started helping at the food pantry. And most recently – helped organize the parish retreat at Kanuga. And what I realized –is that I can’t seem to give enough to “even the score” – not that anyone is asking me to.

I want to give to All Souls to recognize and respond to all the gifts it has given me – but every time I volunteer – I end up getting more in return. I’ve become friends with members that volunteer at Loving Food Resources. I developed a closer relationship with Milly as we planned the retreat together. I met even more of the amazing people that attend this church while planning and attending the retreat. And I got thanked repeatedly for all that I had done.

And just recently, my sister Karen died suddenly from a brain aneurism. In a complicated and emotionally laden time – All Souls came through again. Todd called within 3 minutes after her death. The email blast went out to the Church members. I received phone calls and emails and texts of love and support. So much support - ranging from crying with me over the phone, laughing with me at a party, offers to feed our cats and mow our lawn and bring us food. 

So it is that I have engaged more fully and volunteered more often and pledged more consistently and given more of myself in this Church. What matters is that this church continues to grow and to serve our community. Without question and without complaint.  And it matters that this cycle will and should continue. I’ll strive to give all that I can in thanksgiving and love to help All Souls and I’ll continue to be thankful for and amazed by all that I receive in return. Because that is how it works in a family.

- Ellie Fulton

Children First/CIS Donations. We will continue donations on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sun. Consider offering personal care items, cleaning supplies & baby needs. Food donations are always appreciated but the greatest need is for non-food items. Thanks for your support.

The Cathedral Arts Commission is proud to sponsor a recital by former scholarship singer Corey Hart. Enjoy an evening of American music spanning 3 centuries by composers including Francis Hopkinson, Charles Ives, Samuel Barber, & Sam Hunter (also a former scholarship singer). Thu, Jul 23rd, 7:30pm at the Cathedral. There will be a free will offering to benefit Loving Food Resources.

Food Booth Fare is Needed: Parishioners are invited to bake goodies, meatloaves & turkey breasts for All Souls’ annual Taste of Heaven food booth at the Village Art & Craft Fair Aug. 1-2 on church grounds. Large numbers of brownies, pound cake & cookies are needed. Contact Kim Miller at ksmiller82@g.mail with what you’re bringing. Not into baking?Contribute locally-made artisan sandwich bread, Country Time Lemonade mix, volunteer as a sales person, sandwich maker or kitchen crew. Sign-up after Sun. church services or in the church office. Questions? Call the church office at 274-2681. This year you won’t have to fight for a parking space. We are offering off site parking with a shuttle to the church. The parking will be behind the Big Red Brick building, formerly known as the Old Biltmore School or the Buncombe County Sheriff’s office on Vanderbilt Park Drive. The shuttle starts at 7am on Saturday and at 9 am on Sunday, and run throughout the day.

Something for Everyone for Art & Craft Fair Weekend. Several hundred visitors will come through our church doors for various reasons; some want to experience our sacred space, some want to learn about the history, some want to ask who we are, some simply want a cool place to sit for a minute. At All Souls, hospitality is a ministry. Greeters are needed throughout the two days to welcome our guests to All Souls. If you would like to welcome folks, share what it’s like to worship at All Souls, or direct the curious to a docent, please get in touch with Martha Fullington to sign up for an hour or two or three or…684-2083.

AmiciMusic returns to All Souls for an intimate chamber music concert Thu, Aug 6 at 7:30pm. This program, entitled “Around the World in 80 Minutes” features violinist Rachel Patrick, clarinetist Matthew Boyles & pianist Daniel Weiser on a whirlwind musical trip to several countries. $20/general admission & $15/Church members. Free for children. Tickets available at door. Advanced purchase discounts available at www.amicimusic.org.

Service of Healing & Holy Eucharist The next service of Healing and Holy Eucharist will be held Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the church. This is an informal, contemplative service using Taize and other chant, expansive language and images, silence, anointing and the laying on of hands if desired, and the sharing of bread and wine. Dates for the service for 2015-2016 are: October 8, December 10, February 11, and April 14. Charlotte Cleghorn is the presider and music is offered by Karen Turner and Jacque Combs.

Kairos West Community Center FREE Food Markets at Kairos West 742 Haywood Rd, sponsored by Asheville Youth Mission. We would love to have you join us to play music, meet our neighbors, or network around resources. Share the good news & join us to celebrate caring for our neighbors & the abundance of God’s creation! Questions? Call Milly at 828 -772-1429 Mondays 1-3pm Jun 8 &22, Jul 6 & 20 & Aug 3 & Sundays 11-1pm Jul 12 & 26.

2015 Summer/Fall Foyer Groups Now Forming. Want to get to know more of your fellow parishioners in a relaxed atmosphere? Join a “Foyer Group.” A Foyer Group consists of 6-8 adults and children. Groups will meet 3 or more times between August and November to share a meal and fellowship. They may meet in homes, restaurants, or anywhere. Remember that even if you participated in the past, you must sign up again for a new group. Contact Shonda Asaad at 684-2682 or smasaad@hotmail.com with your name(s), address, phone number, and Email address(es). Deadline is July 31.

Kairos West Community Center is seeking regular Volunteer Hosts for the space during week day shifts 9-1pm or 1-4pm. If you would like to be the face of radical welcome while also doing art work, computer work, reading or playing music then Kairos West is a great way to serve the community. If you are interested please call Rev. Milly Morrow at 828-772-1429 or stop by Kairos West at 742 Haywood Rd in W. Asheville on the 1st or 4th Wednesday at 12pm for a host orientation/training! We would love to have more All Souls members hosting the space so thank you for considering this invitation.

The Clothes Closet of Church of the Advocate: We are in need of shorts & cool tops for men & women along with sneakers, sandals, & caps. We also need men’s white socks, underwear, T-shirts, jeans, khaki pants, hoodies, & belts. We need reading glasses, sunglasses, & toiletries (soap & shampoo), & blankets, sleeping bags, & backpacks. Your donations to our homeless congregation make a real difference in their lives.

Where are the pew racks? We are in the process of repairing our original pew racks & there may be some Sundays where Prayer Books & Hymnals are found in the pews while the racks are being repaired.
We appreciate your understanding while this work is in progress.

Seeking a Way to Serve at All Souls? Visit the New Ministry Board. If you have been seeking a way to offer your gifts in ministry we have a new way for you to consider how to do so. The Ministry Board will be hanging on the church porch each Sunday and will have cards you can take which have the following on them: a basic introduction to the ministry, what kind of gifts/skills work best in that ministry, and who you can contact for further information.

These are persons for whom our prayers are requested. All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week: These are persons for whom our prayers are requested. All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week: Bev Gaines, Bob Morrow, John Chromey, David Truelove, Guy Sayles, Robert Keifer, Karen Sams, the Spangler family, Linda Evans, Carolyn Herman, Janice Harvey, Emma Mamone-Peeples, Betty Nokes, Stevie Turner, Myrtle and Sondra Stamey, the Teitelbaum family, Will Bryant, Del Hare, Audrey Donatelli, Pat Hill, Larry Crawford, Joe Gernoske, Ralph Lewis, Ken Prentice, Lorraine, Benjamin and Heidi Griepp, Bruce Barkstrom, Mike Martinelli, Jan and Steve Davis, Norma Lea and Bob Ferguson, Aaron Stranberg, Kerstin McDaniel, Nancy Keller, Richard Henning, Helen Maxwell, Becky Almond, Laura Morrow, Babie Strobel and family, Mike Norton, Lula Roland, Gail Wiley, Mary Lou Vitek, Linda Vickery, Peter Horn, Goldy Sherrill, Sally Conder, and Suzzy Sams.

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week: Margaret Callahan, Beverly Quayle, John Macfie, Benjamin Haden, Meg Zabriskie, William Brown, Elizabeth Sieburg, Vanessa Adkins, Bernadette Hampton, Thomas Hannon, James Quayle, Lydia Shelley, Ian VanWye, Dawn Bartholic, Eugenia Dowdeswell, Jean Swanson, and Linda Hammar.

We give thanks for those celebrating anniversaries this week: Gregg and Ana Blanton, Dudley and Joanne Cate, and Scott and Ginger Huebner.

The flowers are to the glory of God and in loving memory of Alexander Towe.