July 09, 2015

Stewardship Reflections on the Offering of Our Time & Talent. In the Sun liturgies of 7/12 & 19 members will reflect on why it is they offer themselves to God and to this community. We invite you to fill out the inserts found in the bulletin & either place them in the offering plate or hand them to an usher.


I began coming to All Souls in the later 1970s, first for the music, which has continued to enrich and uplift my life in ways there are no words for; then for the liturgy, a tradition I did not grow up in but I felt connected me with Christians through the centuries. I quickly realized that I wanted to make All Souls my home, so I guess, by definition then, I would be an Episcopalian. The longer you reside in a place, that place comes to hold your story as well as its own, and All Souls has certainly come to hold my story.

Over the years of my involvement here, I have also discovered that the real heart of All Souls is its people. I find myself so grateful for many with whom my life has been priviliged to intersect here: Bill Peyton, Bonnie Lundblad, Jack Olofson, Eleanor Ponder, Joan and Dan Marshall, Jeanne Cagle. I will stop myself right there, because the list could be endless. These were friends possessed of a courage and wisdom that drew you to them, of a deep commitment to All Souls, of a willingness to wrestle with the questions of their day: What does lay ministry mean and how could we uphold it and train for it;  would we be an open, welcoming and affirming community as we faced issues that would seem to divide us; would we offer ourselves to be the cathedral church of the diocese; would we find and commit resources to maintain this historic building complex.

I met and served with these people here. And they are not all “on another shore, in a greater light” to borrow that wonderful phrase from the bidding prayer in the Advent service of Lessons and Carols. This congregation is still teeming with people I want to be around, to draw wisdom from, to ask questions with, to risk listening with, for where God may be calling us. I want to share with you something I read this last week from Michael Curry, our new presiding bishop-elect: “We are not just creating church members,” he said, “we are about forming disciples of Jesus who actually live out and struggle to live out the teachings of Jesus in their lives, and make a tangible difference in the world.”

Being a church member? I think I’ve got that. Being formed as a disciple of Jesus? Well, that’s a journey taken in the company of others seeking to be disciples as well. I don’t think there is an on-line course I can do by myself at home. I have been formed by those who have gone before me here, and I am now being formed by my interaction with you. And that’s why I want to continue being part of the All Souls community, offering my time, abilities and financial resources as best I can.

The Artist Abbey presents Reuniting with Wonder: A Morning Retreat with the Works of Mary Oliver”. Fri, Jul 10, 9:30-Noon, Owen Library. Retreat Fee: $28. Join us for a contemplative summer morning as we draw inspiration from the works of Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Mary Oliver. Led by All Souls Parishioners Karen Lee Turner & Nevin Compton Trammell. To register please email: info@theartistabbey.com

Volunteers Needed to Help on July 11th from 12:00 - 5:30 at a carnival for children with Koolen De Vries Syndrome. A local student’s parents have organized this year’s conference & arranged funding so the registration # has doubled. There are only 260 known cases in the world. Families will attend from all over the US & several foreign countries. Doctors will present seminars for the parents. These are great kids & it will be a very rewarding afternoon. Call Becky Donatelli at 828-231-0328 or email beckyteach101@aol.com if you are available.

Doug Pagitt, Author of Flipped: The Provocative Truth that Changes Everything We Know About God. Join us for an evening with Doug Pagitt & Heatherlyn. Doug Pagitt is an author and pastor. His book Flipped explores and invites us to expand our understanding of God. Heatherlyn’s music heals the heart, stirs the soul, & inspires the intellect. Book Reading & Sign, Conversation & Music. This event is hosted by Land of the Sky UCC, Kenilworth Church, & All Souls Cathedral. Tuesday, July 14 from 7:30-9:00pm at the Kenilworth Center, 4 Chiles Ave, behind Kenilworth Presbyterian Church

Molly Walling will lead the July Autumn Grace meeting in a discussion about her book, Death in the Delta, the story of her search for the truth behind a closely held, 60 year old family secret - her father’s complicity in the murder of two black men in the Mississippi Delta. Molly will discuss her journey of truth-seeking & the issue of breaching family honor. Please join us in the Owen Library on Saturday, July 18. Coffee & snacks at 9:30am followed at 10am by a short meditation and our meeting. We will end by 11:30am. Questions? Contact Babie Chromy (jstrobel5@charter.net, 687-2926 or Linda Kane (linda@80watt.com ), 338-0222.

Children First/CIS Donations. We will continue with our donations on the 1st,3rd, & 5th Sunday. Please consider offering personal care items, cleaning supplies & baby needs on July 19. Food donations are always appreciated, & at this time the need is greater for non-food items. Thanks for your support.

The Cathedral Arts Commission is proud to sponsor a recital by former scholarship singer Corey Hart. It will be a lovely evening of American music spanning three centuries by composers including Francis Hopkinson, Charles Ives, Samuel Barber, Stephen Sondheim & Sam Hunter (also a former scholarship singer). The concert will be Thursday, July 23rd, 7:30pm at the Cathedral. There will be a free will offering to benefit Loving Food Resources.

AmiciMusic returns to All Souls for another intimate chamber music concert Thursday, August 6 at 7:30pm.This program, entitled “Around the World in 80 Minutes” features violinist Rachel Patrick, clarinetist Matthew Boyles & pianist Daniel Weiser on a whirlwind musical trip to several countries. Cost is $20 for general admission & $15 for Church members. Free for children. Tickets are available at door. Advanced purchase discounts available at www.amicimusic.org.

Kairos West Community Center FREE Food Markets Join us this summer for our free food markets at Kairos West 742 Haywood Rd sponsored by Asheville Youth Mission. We would love to have you join us to play music, meet our neighbors, or network around resources. Share the good news with others & join us to celebrate caring for our neighbors & the abundance of God’s creation! Call Milly if you have questions!
828 -772-1429 Mondays 1-3pm June 8, June 22, July 6, July 20 & August 3 & Sundays 11:00-1:00pm July 12 & July 26.

2015 Summer/Fall Foyer Groups Now Forming. Want to get to know more of your fellow parishioners in a relaxed atmosphere? Join a “Foyer Group.” A Foyer Group consists of 6-8 adults and children. Groups will meet 3 or more timesbetween August and November to share a meal and fellowship. They may meet in homes, restaurants, or anywhere. Remember that even if you participated in the past, you must sign up again for a new group. Please call or Email Shonda Asaad at 684-2682 or smasaad@hotmail.com with your name(s), address, phone number, and Email address(es). Deadline is July 31.

Where are the pew racks? We are in the process of repairing our original pew racks & there may be some Sundays where Prayer Books & Hymnals are found in the pews while the racks are being repaired.
We appreciate your understanding while this work is in progress.

Kairos West Community Center is seeking regular Volunteer Hosts for the space during week day shifts 9:00-1:00pm or 1:00-4:00pm. If you would like to be the face of radical welcome while also doing art work, computer work, reading or playing music then Kairos West is a great way to serve the community. If you are interested please call Rev. Milly Morrow at 828-772-1429 or stop by Kairos West at 742 Haywood Rd in W. Asheville on the 1st or 4th Wednesday at 12pm for a host orientation/training! We would love to have more All Souls members hosting the space so thank you for considering this invitation.

The Clothes Closet of Church of the Advocate: We are in need of shorts & cool tops for men & women along with sneakers, sandals, & caps. We also need men’s white socks, underwear, T-shirts, jeans, khaki pants, hoodies, & belts. There is need for reading glasses, sunglasses, & toiletries (soap & shampoo), & we always need blankets, sleeping bags, & backpacks. Your donations to our homeless congregation make a real difference in their lives.

Seeking a Way to Serve at All Souls? Visit the New Ministry Board. If you have been seeking a way to offer your gifts in ministry we have a new way for you to consider how to do so. The Ministry Board will be hanging on the church porch each Sunday and will have cards you can take which have the following on them: a basic introduction to the ministry, what kind of gifts/skills work best in that ministry, and who you can contact for further information.

DID YOU KNOW? The Cathedral of All Souls has made it easier for members - and visitors - to make donations and/or payments to your pledge simply go to www.allsoulscathedral.org, click “make a donation” and enter your donation with your credit or debit card. This is a secure site and you do not need a Paypal account. You may also wish to use this qr code which will take you directly to our donation page of our website. To use this qr you will need a qr reader on your phone. Free apps available for both Android and iPhone.

These are persons for whom our prayers are requested. All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week: These are persons for whom our prayers are requested. All persons listed are prayed for during our Wednesday liturgies. Names offered during the Prayers of the People on Sundays are persons having a specific urgency this week: Bev Gaines, Bob Morrow, John Chromey, David Truelove, Guy Sayles, Robert Keifer, Karen Sams, the Spangler family, Linda Evans, Carolyn Herman, Janice Harvey, Emma Mamone-Peeples, Betty Nokes, Stevie Turner, Myrtle and Sondra Stamey, the Teitelbaum family, Will Bryant, Dell Hare, Audrey Donatelli, Pat Hill, Larry Crawford, Joe Gernoske, Ralph Lewis, Ken Prentice, Lorraine, Benjamin and Heidi Griepp, Bruce Barkstrom, Mike Martinelli, Jan and Steve Davis, Norma Lea and Bob Ferguson, Aaron and Theresa Stranberg, Oz Henry, Kerstin McDaniel, Nancy Keller, Richard Henning, Helen Maxwell, Becky Almond, Linda Fite, Laura Morrow, Nancy Martin, Babie Strobel and family, Mike Norton, Lula Roland, Gail Wiley, Mary Lou Vitek, Linda Vickery, and Peter Horn.

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week: Jason McKeown, Betty Hamilton, Milo Norlin, John Norlin, S. Kay Clark, George Fleming, Brian Turner, John Douglas, Sumner Smith, Frances Hensley, Vicki Thompson, Joan Tillotson, Gabrielle Borntrager, Amy Ray, Janet Bingham, Deidra Daws, and Gary Allen.

We give thanks for those celebrating anniversaries this week: Ralph and Mary Helen Schwarzkopf, Howard and Patricia Dennis, Thomas and Gina Miceli, Raymond and Barbara Underwood, and Franklin Courson and Walter Adams.

The flowers are to the glory of God and in loving memory of James Bratton “Jim” Tucker.