Youth Formation

For grades 6-12. Learn more about Sunday School and Confirmation classes, EYC, Youth in Worship, and Diocesan Youth Events.

For more information contact our Assistant for Youth Formation, Milly Morrow, at

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Journey to Adulthood

This class is for the younger student OR the student who is newest to

our church. It is shaped around the work of Journey 2 Adulthood / Rt. to Adulthood curriculum. Our curriculum supports youth in their own growth and discovery process of their faith as they grow into adults.  Based on the passage in Luke 2:42-52 of Jesus in the Temple, “and when he was twelve years old, they went up as usual for the festival. When the festival was ended and they started to return, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem... after three days they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers”.  All Souls' curriculum echoes this understanding and allows youth to explore the gospel with adult mentors in a fun, safe and affirming environment.  Youth are free to question and defend their growing faith, using the three tenets of Anglicanism: Scripture, Reason and Tradition.  Many of the lessons help youth understand the structure of different types of prayer used in the Anglican tradition, and how we as Christians are called into society.  Youth also learn how their unique talents are all part of God’s plan for them. 


All Souls’ Confirmation Preparation is offered to those youth ages 14

and older who have a sense they are being called forward into further engagement in the Episcopal Church. The curriculum offered is based on Confirm not Conform, a rich series of formational activities and exercises that are designed to connect the youth’s developmental, spiritual and mental wrestling with our traditions and the community’s beliefs and to encourage them to affirm their own personal relationship to the Church and to God and to understand who Jesus is to us in it all. Milly Morrow will teach this course (with a lovely community of fellow teachers from our church and surrounding churches). This course can be repeated by the youth if they wish. This course sometimes ends with participation in Confirmation service and sometimes the youth repeats the class before being Confirmed. The decision to be Confirmed is a joint decision made with family, minister and child during the year.

Post-Confirmation Independent Study

This class is meant for the youth who has participated in Confirmation

Class and has been Confirmed. Here the youth are met by adult leaders to discuss particular issues of faith and spirituality. Independent reading will be encouraged and assigned. The youth and adult leader will meet and enjoy coffee, bagels and good discussion. This year different adults from our community (including at least one week with each staff person from All Souls) will lead the youth in these discussions.

Mission and Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

Being engaged with the world around us and in fellowship with each other

as disciples of Christ is the work of our EYC group at Cathedral of All Souls. What we learn about ourselves, God, and the world in our formational classes is put into action during our time together at EYC. EYC meets weekly, Sunday afternoons from 1 – 4pm gathering first at the Cathedral and going out into the world to learn with and serve God’s people.   o link to EYC facebook group page.

Diocesan Youth Events

For more information about Diocesan events, please contact the Canon for Youth and Young Adult Ministries at .

  • SPLASH! The Annual Diocesan Kick Off water fun and cook out at Camp Rockmont. 
  • New Beginnings Conference - A spiritual weekend retreat for middle school youth. 
  • Fall Conference - A senior high weekend retreat. 
  • Diocesan Ski Day - Eucharist, lunch and afternoon of skiing 
  • RADIX Confirmation Retreat
  • Spring Conference - A senior high weekend that is also open to 8th. Grade students. 

Diocesan Acolyte Festival - An annual acolyte event of training, lunch, fun and fellowship. 

National Acolyte Festival  -Occasional pilgrimage to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. 

Camp Henry TLC Day - Gathering of EYC to help get the properties ready for summer. 

E-Connection - Recreational and service related events held quarterly for Diocesan EYC fellowship.