The Very Reverend Todd Donatelli

Letter of Declaration, Sanctuary, and Lent

Dear All Souls Family, First, let me offer my appreciation for those of you who were able to communicate with me either through email or by phone since my last blog regarding the recent Declaration of … Read More

Welcoming the Alien and Stranger - Immigration and Contemplation

Dear All Souls family, For the past five years, Maria (not her real name) has been meeting weekly with a group of fellow mothers and grandmothers at a nearby church for discussion and support around matters … Read More

Lent Is our Communal Pilgrimage out of Death

“Be not afraid.” Immigration. Human trafficking. Rising sea levels and harsh weather patterns. International terrorism. Domestic terrorism. Inflamed racism. Nationalism. Generational poverty. Opioids. … Read More

St. Matthew - From ‘Brightest and Best: A Companion to Lesser Feasts and Fasts’, Sam Portaro

What kind of person would drop everything and take up with an uneducated, reactionary, itinerant religious teacher?  Matthew was probably a very unhappy man; as a tax collector, he was employed by … Read More

Will Bryant Preaching Sunday, His Connection to the Refugee Crisis

As we see in pictures and hear in stories the recent refugee crisis manifesting at the borders of the EU I think about the work Will Bryant has done this past year at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center in … Read More

Letter Bombs, Reconciliation, and Liberation

Guest Preacher The Rev. Michael Lapsley, Sunday, September 13 I have had numerous responses to the blog about Bishop Paul Jones in which the question was asked, what does it take to speak convictions and … Read More

Paul Jones: War, Conscience, the Church, Maturity

From From Holy Women, Holy Men, Church Publishing. Paul Jones was born in 1880. After graduating from Yale University and the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he accepted a call to … Read More

What is the life and mission of All Souls and how do we see ourselves living it out in 2016?

What is the life and mission of All Souls and how do we see ourselves living it out in 2016? What is our life and mission? What does it mean to be All Souls?  From pilgrimages to Cuba to the work … Read More


“The first line of our Psalm today (Psalm 62) I find particularly fascinating. ‘For God alone my soul in silence waits.’ The prayer book version is a good and very musical translation. The original language: … Read More

The Feast of Mary Magdalene

After that, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another. The Twelve were with him, and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven … Read More

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