The Very Reverend Todd Donatelli

What is the life and mission of All Souls and how do we see ourselves living it out in 2016?

Posted By Todd Donatelli on August 13, 2015

What is the life and mission of All Souls and how do we see ourselves living it out in 2016?

What is our life and mission? What does it mean to be All Souls?  From pilgrimages to Cuba to the work of Kairos West, from communication to liturgies, from Room in the Inn to retreats, from pastoral care to choirs, from Outreach grants to utilities and community groups using our space, all of these speak to who we are and to what we believe connects us to God, to others and to the whole of creation.  All of these speak to what we believe creates the space in which we experience the Sacred; what we believe creates the life and connection of God.

At our annual meeting last January Jack Parsons, our treasurer, described our needing to use some one time funds to cover a $30,000 gap of income and expenses in 2015. He also stated we, the Vestry and Finance Committee, would spend the first part of 2015 considering our work and mission in 2016 and how the budget would undergird this work.

In this discernment an operative question was what are the core values that inform and shape who we are and wish to be? How do these core values clarify our budget? How does each line, each area, of our budget speak to, and feed, what we believe to be our core, our center?

This work has caused us to ask many questions and has caused us to listen.  It has led us to ask how are our income and expenses outward and visible signs of our inward and spiritual being. It has caused us to ask what is important to us and consider how it is we support that.

I and the Vestry and Finance Committee ask you to join us at 10:10 am on Sunday, August 23rd in Zabriskie Hall to hear and interact with our learnings and our hearing of the Spirit. There will be an offering for children of all ages in the Garth courtyard during this time.

Ours is a rich life in which all aspects are sacred. Many have said that budgets are moral documents. We believe this to be true. We believe they tell us what is important to us and where we find our life. Please join us as we discuss where we believe we will find our life in the coming year.