The Very Reverend Todd Donatelli

Staffing Changes and Additions in 2018

Posted By Todd Donatelli on December 19, 2017

It is with great enthusiasm I wish to tell you about our new staffing at All Souls. In contemplating this new chapter with staff, wardens, and vestry, we have taken into consideration a number things including:
- where All Souls is in 2017-18 and the various manifestations and areas that make up our life as a congregation and cathedral;
- our Koinonia process and the evolution we are experiencing as to what being engaged with the wider community means;
- our mentioning in budget and other presentation in past years that we are not a three priest congregation but have lived for many years with the rich fruit of lay staff beginning discernment for priesthood while serving here.

With these in mind I’m excited to tell you about the following changes in our staff:

First, Milly Morrow will serve as Associate Dean, Canon for Pastoral Care and Mission. In this position Milly will be charged with providing for and overseeing the pastoral care of our members in times of need including work with our lay pastoral care committee. In addition this position will entail creating opportunities of study and support for pro-active care as a community. The Canon is also responsible for supporting engagement of the church in mission opportunities and relationships in the local and global community. She will work to support the congregation of All Souls in living out our baptismal covenant to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to strive for justice and peace among all people. Milly will also supervise The Assistant for Youth and Community engagement as well as two Western Carolina social work interns serving at Kairos West Community Center.

Milly’s previous training and experience as a social worker and community organizer provides us a great depth as we continue to grow both in provision of pastoral care and as we evolve in our understanding of what it means to be engaged - to be in relationship - with the wider community. She will also share with the Dean and other clergy liturgical responsibilities here at the Cathedral and in our Diocese and other faith communities.

Will Bryant will serve as our Interim Assistant for Youth and Community Engagement. He will oversee youth formation throughout the week as well as oversee the recruitment and training of lay persons assisting in this work. In addition, he will serve two days per week at Kairos West. In these responsibilities he will be building upon a foundation forged by Milly these past seven years of experientially-based action-and-reflection spiritual formation with youth.

Will has been assisting Milly with our youth for a number of years and is well known, trusted, and respected by both our youth and parents. Will’s experience with the Episcopal Church’s Young Adult Service Corps in Hong Kong and at the refugee center in Rome, Italy give him significant background for the work and tasks of serving as Kairos West. This combination of youth and Kairos West work allows us to continue this position full time as it was with Milly.

As Will has recently been approved to go to seminary in pursuit of priesthood ordination in the fall, he will serve in this position through August. This will allow us a wonderfully smooth transition at this time and will also allow us the opportunity to do a timely, intentional search for a full-time youth replacement.
One of the areas of Thomas’s job description which I will be taking over will be the newcomers classes. This was something I had delegated to the assistant position with Brian Cole and with Thomas. While they served well in this work I realize it did not give me that significant time early on with new persons that allowed the opportunity for me to know them and them to know me.

Again, I am very excited for what Milly and Will have brought to this community and will now offer to us in these new positions. As well, I am continually grateful for your faithfulness as a faith community. In this season of Advent where we are once again invited to see where God chooses to born in human flesh, you as a faith community gather with expectation it will be in our flesh and the flesh of all human beings. As we seek to embody the words of this season, as we seek to hear God’s voice and calling in the time of Koinonia, it is your continued faithfulness that allows us to be changed and transformed, that allows us to live into the new chapters into which God is calling us.

The Very Reverend Todd M. Donatelli, Dean of the Cathedral