Notes from the Atrium

Purple and Blue, Red, Green and White

Posted By Micki Hill on October 01, 2014

​“Purple and Blue, Red, Green and White are the colors of theyear.

Purple and Blue, Red, Green and White remind us of the light.” As the leaves begin to change color, your children are exploring the church calendar and its seasons – seasons of the Liturgical Year. We have looked at a calendar puzzle and discussed the various feasts and seasons that celebrate the life of Christ. We have wondered why the church marks time as it does and how God’s time is different than our time. Some of the children have talked about the colors in relationship to the vestments that the priest wears. The words above are part of a song that helps children remember the colors of the church year. Blue and Purple are for Preparation – the seasons of Advent and Lent – before the great feasts of Christmas and Easter. White is for Celebration – the great feasts of Christmas when Jesus was born and Easter when He rose from the dead. Green is for Ordinary or counted time, after the great feast. It is a time for growing with Jesus. Red is for Pentecost - the Feast of the Holy Spirit. The children are becoming familiar with the names of the garments worn by the priests and servers at the altar. The chasuble is the long sleeveless garment worn by priests and bishops over the alb and stole during the celebration of Eucharist. It always gives us a clue to the season of the year. The chasubles and stoles were made small enough for them to handle and place on special stands as part of their work. The garments are hand stitched and quilted by Sally Fargo and the stands were crafted by David Fargo. They are a lovely gift to the atrium. The children are also learning the names of items used at the altar and why they are used during the Eucharistic celebration. Altar– like our own table, where we gather for a family meal. Fair Linen – similar to a tablecloth, covers the altar & is always white. Chalice – the cup that holds the wine Paten - plate that holds the bread Crucifix - cross with the figure of Christ - a reminder that Jesus invites us to this meal Candles in Candle Holders – reminds us that Christ has died and is Risen - He is the Light of the World. We are learning that it is at the Holy Eucharist where we hear the words of Jesus, repeated by the priests and that it is here in a mysterious way that Jesus continues to be with us. It is at the Eucharistic table we share special food to help us grow in love for Christ and one another. Some of the children will create their own prayer book, some will design their own banners and worship spaces. These lessons help us recognize that life in the church is celebration. Even as the leaves are falling and much of the life around us is preparing to slumber we are celebrating the Risen Life of Christ. Take a look around, what speaks to you of the Risen Life? In celebration, Micki