Notes from the Atrium

From the Children

Posted By Micki Hill on July 01, 2014

As we enter into summer, I think back to the engaging conversations held inChildren’s Formation. I offer you a few of the children’s gifts to the church.

Some of the questions asked by children this year:

• Is there life after death? • Why do people question God before they believe he will help them? • Why did people worship statues? • Where did the idea of false Gods begin? • Why do People say they aren’t important when God says they are? • What purpose did God give us when He put us on earth? • Does God keep secrets from us? Here is a rewriting of the 23rd Psalm offered by an elementary student: He watches me, He comforts me, He calms me, He refreshes me, He guides me in His path, Even though I sin against him. He makes me brave, He is with me always. He comforts me in times of darkness, He protects me. He anoints me, His loyal servant. His love is unlimited. His love will be with me always. I shall be loyal to him forever. And yes, I have been talking to real people. One child asked a very important question: Why do we have to get up so early to come to church? I answered: “Because your parents love you, very much!” This summer, please, ponder how you might help to nurture the spiritual life of these precious ones as they learn to give expression to their faith. And parents, thanks for getting up early! Humbled by the opportunity to serve the youngest among us, Micki​