News and Highlights

July 02, 2017

Independence Day Picnic

Front Lawn and Zabriskie Hall

Our annual Independence Day Picnic is a great chance to share food and fellowship with your parish family and get to know folks from across the All Souls community. …

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AmiciMusic, Asheville’s own award-winning chamber music organization dedicated to performing great programs in intimate spaces, returns to the historic Cathedral …

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August 12, 2017

Songs My Mother Taught Me

The Cathedral of All Souls

A vocal recital featuring All Souls’ own Corey Dalton Hart, Sullivan Hart, and Hailey Anthum Hunter, Songs My Mother Taught Me will feature American repertoire …

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Worship Schedule

Special Services

  • No upcoming events


Regular Services


  • 12:00 pm — Healing and Holy Eucharist at Noon
  • 5:45 pm — Holy Eucharist at 5:45


  • 7:45 am — Holy Eucharist at 7:45
  • 9:00 am — Holy Eucharist at 9
  • 11:15 am — Holy Eucharist at 11:15


A Spark Ignites a Flame

Loretta Andrews and Children First

I like the word “exponential,” but I rarely have an opportunity to use it.  However, there’s no better word to describe the impact of the non-profit, Children First, on the mind and heart of the All Souls’ congregation than to say that it’s been EXPONENTIAL. It all started with a fundraiser for the Emma Resource Center at Givens Estate and a spark of interest from Loretta Andrews, a resident at …

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